When we are camping outdoors for a few days, whether in order to make the main battery power the truck equipment better such as truck refrigerators, lights ect or to fully charge the backup battery, we need a solar panel that can be fixed in one place both.

Therefore more and more customers choose TakSolar hood solar panel system, TakSolar hood solar panel is not only easy to use and to install, but also with top quality.

Toyota FJ Cruiser is a very popular off-road vehicle. FJ Cruiser hood solar panel is selected and installed by more and more customers also. Thank you very much for their review and picture sharing.

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1.Much Thanks Michael’s Perfect Photos of His 120W Toyota FJ Cruiser Hood Solar Panel

Michael’s Review: ” Yes indeed, I managed to successfully install the FJ Cruiser hood solar panel late last year, since then it has been working great and I have had a lot of people interested in this concept. Here in Zambia there is no law against such installations. Many people want this type of panel for 79 Series LandCruiser and Also Hilux. “

2.Joshua Installed a 105W Hood Solar Panel for His Toyota FJ Cruiser

Joshua’s Review: ” Absolutely must Have if you own an FJ! This thing is awesome and will give your FJ the extra boost it needs for off roaring and camping. When paired with a charging controller you can run your fridge and other accessories while not having to worry about a dead battery. I’ve had mine over a year and have not a single issue. The quality 100%. And shipping was surprisingly fast to Hawaii. Very impressed. “

3.Rod Mounted a 105W Hood Solar Panel for His Toyota FJ Cruiser

Rob’s Review: ” What can I say that others have not? Great quality, quick shipping. Excellent fit and superb customer service. Installed on my 2012 FJ dual battery electrical system. I previously used some Goal Zero folding panels in series and was never comfortable leaving them out at camp while i left and went on a hike or other activity away from the truck. What good are hood solar panels that keep you tethered to the truck and afraid to leave camp? This TakSolar installed panel solves that worry in a very elegant manner, In fact my truck is parked on the street in San Francisco and I do not worry about the street urchins bothering it or randomly tossing a rock against a glass installed panel. Also having worked in the commercial solar industry for several years installing over 500MW of ground based utility scale solar power plants I reviewed the panel specs against other manufacturers and chose TakSolar. Well done TakSolar! “

4.What Vinnie Said About His 120W Toyota FJ Cruiser Hood Solar Panel

Vinnie’s Review: ” I have had the FJ 120W Hood Solar Panel for a year. And it has been a great addition to allow me to run my fridge off my battery and recharge the battery with solar power. The quality of the hood solar panel has held up to tropical storms , extreme heat and cold. “

5.Beautiful Pictures From Jesse’s 120W Toyota FJ Cruiser Hood Solar Panel.

Jesse’s Review: ” Finally got a chance to get out, here are some pics, love the panel! “

6.Maria Mounted a 105W Hood Solar Panel for Her Toyota FJ Cruiser

Maria’s Review:” After a two-week expedition, the FJ Cruiser hood solar panel did exactly what I needed it to do, which was to keep my power station topped off throughout the time I was on the road. The power station ran my fridge and recharged all our electronic devices and lights. Dust and water can accumulate on the hood solar panel, so I often rinsed with water or would wipe down with windshield washers at gas stations during fill ups. This helped keep max output from the panel, which averaged about 50%. There were a few instances where we needed more power and used our 200W folding panel due to excessive power usage or cloudy, rainy days. Overall, very pleased with the install and the product.”

7. Igor Purchased a 120W Hood Solar Panel for His Toyota FJ Cruiser

Igor’s Review: ” It is set up to charge my auxiliary battery. I am  using the redarc BCDC 1240D controller to manage the solar input as well as the car alternator. “

8. Austin Bought a 120W Hood Solar Panel for His Toyota FJ Cruiser

Austin’s Review: ” Works great! We use it to keep deep cycle charged for my ham radio and refrigerator. “

9. Regie Bought a 105W Hood Solar Panel for His Toyota FJ Cruiser

Regie’s Review: ” This product is great and at a good price. Found similar products in the states without  controller and wrap for twice the price  and  only 100w. Had it in my fj cruiser for about 3 months now and had no problems. Would be nice if it came  with the  double sided tape as it’s a bit hard to get 3m tape in Australia  had to  buy online. “

10. Raul Installed a 105W Hood Solar Panel for His Toyota FJ Cruiser

Raul’s Review: ” Love my FJ cruiser hood solar panel from TakSolar. Quality is A++. Shipping is very fast. If you are in the fence of needing of maybe upgrading to a second battery think of the benefits of adding a hood solar panel first before buying and installing the secondary battery. Also consider that adding another battery will require you to change your alternator for a higher capacity one. It complicates things. Not only a solar panel like this gives you weight savings you will have a full battery charged parking your vehicle in the sun.

TakSolar will definitely recommend them and their product. “

11. Ilya Installed a 105W Hood Solar Panel for His Toyota FJ Cruiser

Ilya’s Review: ” The product is built to last! After ordering the panel online, it came in just under a week. The packaging is very sturdy and protected. The FJ Cruiser hood solar panel itself is very well made and seems very waterproof. The facial I ordered also came with a squeegy I needed for installation and good instruction. “

In addition to the installation cases of Toyota FJ Cruiser, we also have installation cases of other models, Kindly click: Hood Solar Panel Installation Cases.

In addition to the hood solar panel of Toyota FJ Cruiser, we also offer hood solar panels for 4Runner 4th&5th, TacomaRav4Tacoma 2nd4Runner 3rd4Runner 4th&5th with a scoop, etc.

In addition to Toyota, we also offer the hood solar panels for most off-road SUVs and all various brand trucks on the market, such as the hood solar panels of Land RoverChevyDodgeFordHummerJeepIsuzuNissanLexusMercedes-BenzSubaruSuzuki.

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